Friday, June 26, 2009

Flight - Flowers 7" Out Today

Flowers b/w Johnny's Mixed Up
Buy from Sweet Rot Records

Monday, June 15, 2009


The short tirade that opens Summer Sequence II is from Dan Graham’s abstract video installation/puppet rock opera, DON’T TRUST ANYONE OVER 30. This piece, premiering at the 2007 Whitney Biennial included Brooklyn punks, Japanther, played as part of the show. While none of their songs made the tape, that’s only because Cats Purring is not so hardcore. Those guys are alright though.

- Synching seamlessly is, A Simple Man, the single from THE PRIDE OF CALLING PANTHER LAKE! Self-released earlier this year by Cats Purring’s own Dead Gaze,
R Cole Furlow first brandished these stoned garage jamz with this album. He's put together an allstar band to play his songs live.

- Next are the Francophones on Sony, Ultra Orange and Emmanuelle, with Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye. Emmanuelle Seigner sings. The Parisian beauty starred in Le Scaphandre et le Papillon
. The Julian Schnabel film includes this song on it's soundtrack. Guitars and static from Sonic Youth’s Goo help make this seemingly illogical transition.

- All of Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘In the Bottle’ didn’t make the tape, but a laugh that begins the track keeps it moving on to The Flaming Lips’ psychedelic folk, Five Stop Mother Superior Rain. Cats Purring recommends their album THE DAY THEY SHOT A HOLE IN THE JESUS EGG... Just raw Flaming Lips. Really, quintessential rock'n'roll.

Don't get me wrong, they got some great concept albums, but this ain't tryin to be no Yoshimi...

- David Shrigley wrote the lyrics for Whatcha Doin. In the song he wrote with P:ano, Nick Krgovich, Phil Elverum sings. Tomlab released several of these songs of
Shrigley’s as companion double-discs to a book of his drawings. These were all WORRIED NOODLES. Each of the musicians, including David Byrne, admired Shrigley’s work and wanted to write music for his words. Double thanks to David Shrigley because he also drew the picture I (Samo) use as the tape's art.

- The Green Typewriters Suite, by The Olivia Tremor Control, is included on the second half of their DUSK AT CUBIST CASTLE. Truly, the album is a modern classic. Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal, covered Green Typewriters IV in Dallas a couple of years ago. Following in this Sequence is Olivia’s own Green Typewriter II. The point of these tapes is mainly to play at parties but also to encourage folks to go out and find music. Having only included just a cover of a song followed by the shortest on the record, I have to recommend what I'd call Athens, GA’s finest work… Pick up a copy!

The odd mate to the psychedelic Georgians’ Typewriter pieces is a song written by Shankar Jaikishan for Merchant-Ivory’s ‘Bombay Talkie’. Wes Anderson also uses the song in The Darjeeling Limited.

- Staying on the soundtrack tip for a bit, the tape goes to David Lynch. Julee Cruise’s sang his ‘Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart’ for Twin Peaks. Thanks to Phil Elverum for motivatinging me to use this song on a mix.

- As it winds down, the tape plays SPIRIT THEY’RE GONE, SPIRIT THEY’RE VANISHED. The album, by Avey Tare & Panda Bear around the same time these guys started Animal Collective. Last year they recorded at Sweet Tea in Oxford, and just after New Years’ released their work, Merriweather Post Pavillion.

- ‘I Know A Girl’ opens SMALL LAVA but closes Summer Sequence II. Cats Purring recently released the new EP from Dead Gaze. It can be found on the blog. If you’re into having a good time, we recommend getting down to Mississippi and sweatin’ it out with us at one of their shows this summer.

Sequence II

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The concert at Oxford's The Library last Saturday was by all accounts a success. Kids were really getting crazy, crowd surfing and the what have you, and it was amazing watching all those faces melt during the spectacular BLACK DICE set. Check out these sweet shots of the ANIMAL COLLECTIVE from Memphis's JOEY MILLER:

Our homie REVEREND GREEN has some nice shots right here of the show and the SWEET TEA studios where AC recorded their excellent new album.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Those who remember Cole's last band BOY SCOUT KNIFE might be surprised at the hazy, blissful psychpop of his new project DEAD GAZE. Dude was living in the MS delta crunching out some real filth, moved to the west coast for a hot second and came back with a ying yang tattoo, a sampler, and some weed popsicles. Here are some free jams that swing from dreamy ambience to fuzzy garage pop to heady dub groovez. We're proud to have "SMALL LAVA" as the fourth FREE release from Cats Purring.

1. I Know A Girl
2. Remember When We First Met?
3. You'll Carry On Real Nice
4. Enz
5. The Holy



Tonight is a momentous occasion for the N. Miss. local muzak thang. DEAD GAZE is the megahyped new project from Cole Furlow (formerly of BOY SCOUT KNIFE). We'll be posting a free digital E.P. from DEAD GAZE any day now (ahem awaiting artwork from Mr. Furlow ahem) called SMALL LAVA. Keep your eyes n ears peeled.

Also playing tonight is DOG MAGIC a.k.a. PENMAN COOPER & COMMITTEE OF STYLE (a new supergroop featuring Thomas Cooper, Je$$e Coppenbarger, and Peyton Houchinz). So fresh they don't even have a Myspace yet!!! The show's at the Red Star bar @ The Lyric. Showtime = showtime. See y'all there!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's no secret that we worship at the altar of Hannah. A couple of weeks ago, Michael Bible guest blogged at HTML GIANT about his time w/ Barry. Don't sleep on the scan of Barry Hannah's handwritten notes to Zita and the bonus epic interview sesh mp3 w/ Larry Brown, Brad Watson, and Barry which has been re-upped:


p.s. Copies of Michael's debut chapbook My Second Best Bear Rug may or may not still be available via ACHILLES CHAPBOOK SERIES or maybe in some gutter somewhere.


We're in the process of re-uploading our old releases as well as several new ones over the next few weeks. Here's our first ever release, Dent May's debut E.P. "A Brush With Velvet" from 2007 (whoa).


1. Howard
2. College Town Boy
3. Meet Me In The Garden
4. Pierce Avenue
5. When You Were Mine
6. I'm An Alcoholic


*Some of these songs appear in re-recorded form on Dent's debut record, "The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele" available now from PAW TRACKS.

Monday, June 1, 2009

JAPANDROIDS at the Blind Pig on Friday, July 3


If you're in the North Mississippi area on June 7th, nurse that Sunday morning AC hangover with a slip n slide, a bunch of booze, and free hot dogs. Oh, and some fierce jamz:

WOVEN BONES (Austin TX, shoegazey fizz-punk) + JACUZZI BOYS (Miami FL, golden nuggets) + BASS DRUM OF DEATH (Oxford, MS power-grunge) + TBA

The party's at Colin from Bass Drum of Death's house:
1607 Oxford Place
Oxford, MS
5:00 PM


We highly recommend the WOVEN BONES/JACUZZI BOYS split 7" recently released on NEEDLESS RECORDS.


Looks like ISSUE #2 of our favorite literary/music/art/culture magazine KITTY SNACKS is just on the horizon. Check out THIS PREVIEW of the issue's interview with seriously our favorite filmmaker of all time ROSS MCELWEE. Also, don't sleep on THIS INTERVIEW with Kitty Snacks editor and occasional Dent May percussionist MICHAEL BIBLE.


These dudes are at The Library (wtf?) in Oxford on Saturday night (June 6th), and we just heard it may or may not be sold out. Kitty Snacks interviewed Animal Collective's Brian/Geologist for its first issue. Check out what he had to say about his time in the Velvet Ditch HERE.


To celebrate the launch of the Cats Purring blog, our friend Sam Lane (Samo) made this free mixtape, the first in a series. So whip out those tankinis, grab a 12 pack of tab, climb up on the roof of your parents' garage and drift away to these sweaty sounds.



Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- West Coast Calamities
tUnE-yArDs- sunlight
Liars- Army Of Me
The Zombies- It's Alright With Me
Macha- Cat Wants To Be A Dog
Margo Guryan- Someone I Know
Antena- To Climb The Cliff
Animal Collective- Water Curses