Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tonight is a momentous occasion for the N. Miss. local muzak thang. DEAD GAZE is the megahyped new project from Cole Furlow (formerly of BOY SCOUT KNIFE). We'll be posting a free digital E.P. from DEAD GAZE any day now (ahem awaiting artwork from Mr. Furlow ahem) called SMALL LAVA. Keep your eyes n ears peeled.

Also playing tonight is DOG MAGIC a.k.a. PENMAN COOPER & COMMITTEE OF STYLE (a new supergroop featuring Thomas Cooper, Je$$e Coppenbarger, and Peyton Houchinz). So fresh they don't even have a Myspace yet!!! The show's at the Red Star bar @ The Lyric. Showtime = showtime. See y'all there!

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