Monday, February 15, 2010

Ecstatic Eyes *a&b*

Like the previous Cats Purring tape, Ecstatic Eyes also begins with a selection picked from 8 discs of field recordings collected by Art Rosenbaum. In a small group of ten and unaware of his musicological background, I studied the life and work of Jackson Pollock under Dr. Rosenbaum at The University of Georgia in 2003. I was pleasantly surprised when in 2007, Dust-to-Digital went on to release over 50 years of music that he documented throughout the states.

Ecstatic Eye*b* ends with three tracks that also complete Circulatory System's eponymous album released from 2001, and tracks 5-7 are respectively # 11,7,8 on their latest and second record, Signal Morning. Circulatory System, but particularly John Fernandes have played an invaluable part in who I am today.

The tape features Will Cullen Hart's songs majorly, but almost as equally dominant is a mode respect for The Velvet Underground. They are immediately called attention to by the second track, Jonathan Richman's tribute. And though Nico was not actually a member of The VU, that's beside the point; Beach House's Victoria Legrand does an incredible job of channeling the chanteuse. She sings "Used to Be" as the tapes heads into some NY studio party with Lou Reed, which inevitably turns out the ideas Hart exposes in his songs. The tape isn't even halfway through, however side A is wrapped up by fellow Mississippian Deepak Mantena and Junk Culture. Would it be fitting to say something here like "Crooked Letterz, Raise UP?" I dunno, but yall didn't hear that from me.

In a perfect world, these would occupy both side A and side B of a canary yellow cassette tape, but...

Cats Purring *_* Ecstatic Eyes

1___Bonnie Loggins__Sing, Sing, What'll I Sing?
2___Jonathan Richman__Velvet Underground
3___Beach House__Used to Be
4___Lou Reed__Kicks
5___Circulatory System__Blasting Through
6___Circulatory System__The Breathing Universe
7___Circulatory System__News from the Heavenly Loom
8___Junk Culture__Carmel valley Girls
9___Web__Things Are Going To Work Out Right
10___Sly & the Revolutionaries__Collie
11___The Velvet Underground__Cool It Down (early version)
12___Arthur Russell__Let's See
13___Deerhunter__Cicadas (early version)
14___Circulatory System__How Long?
15___Circulatory System__Your Parades
16___Circulatory System__Forever



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