Tuesday, August 17, 2010


BUFFALO MOON of Minneapolis (via Ecuador and South Dakota) will bring their wonderful bossanova/psych/pop sound to RED STAR on Wednesday 8/18. Their forthcoming 7" single on the great MOON GLYPH (Velvet Davenport, PC Worship, etc) has been receiving widespread acclaim, which is well-deserved considering the tropical perfection of its b-side "Low Tide Moon" (available HERE).

CHELSEA BOYS (also of Minneapolis) will be opening the show with their highly energetic synth-pop. The MN DAILY describes their performance as "a splash of Nintendo, a dollop of cocaine, a sprinkle of Black Flag and an ocean of sex," so in other words you're insane if you sleep on this one.

DJ HARRY LOUCHINS (of Airships) will man the virtual 1's & 2's, pumping out global synth and disco grooves between sets.

Doors at 9pm. Bands at 10pm. $5 cover.

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