Thursday, October 7, 2010


CATS PURRING is proud to present COSMIC CAVERNS, a free digital E.P. of new material from TOMMY TOUSSAINT. Tommy was living in Athens, Georgia, where he played with RED LEGS and LITTLE FRANCIS and spent his spare time exploring caverns of the Deep South. More recently, he's traveled the world as a member of DENT MAY's band. According to Tommy, these six songs were recorded "in a cave in North Georgia," and the E.P. was mastered by Neil Zumwalde, who has worked with VELVET DAVENPORT. Drawing from influences as diverse as new jack swing, 60s pop, new age, and all forms of psychedelia, COSMIC CAVERNS is a warped and wonderful slice of pop magic.

Click HERE to download COSMIC CAVERNS for free. See the track listing after the jump.

1. Feels Fine
2. A Long Run Of Ordinary Nonplace
3. Soul's Reprise
4. Kentucky Cave Eyes
5. Dreary Dutch Drive
6. New York Metro Echo Car (High Hope)

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