Thursday, February 17, 2011



We're having our first party at the CATS PURRING DUDE RANCH this Saturday 2/19/11! The CATS PURRING JAMBOREE will feature performances from DEAD GAZE, FLIGHT, and DENT MAY & FRIENDS. AIRSHIPS will be DJing between sets. Party starts at 8pm SHARP and will be over before midnight. More important info about location, parking, safety, cover charge, and schedule after the jump.

We're located at 49 CR 178, and we're charging $5 entry. Parking will be available in our driveway and on the street in front of our house. If you park on the street, PARK ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE STREET AS THE HOUSE.

Bring your own beer, but DO NOT DRINK IF YOU'RE UNDERAGE. NO DRINKING & DRIVING OR DRUG USE IS TOLERATED. Taxi information will be on hand. Be safe, ya goons. Here's the schedule for the evening:

8:30pm - DEAD GAZE
9:30pm - FLIGHT
10:30pm - DENT MAY & FRIENDS

See y'all there!

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