Tuesday, March 8, 2011


CATS PURRING's perpetual writer-in-residence MICHAEL BIBLE has a new book available for pre-order from DARK SKY PRESS. You may know MICHAEL BIBLE as co-editor of KITTY SNACKS and author of MY SECOND BEST BEAR RUG and GORILLA MATH. BIBLE drums for the psych-country band also named COWBOY MALONEY'S ELECTRIC CITY (a conceptual companion to this book), and he's featured in the current issue of ESPN Magazine as the recipient of their first ever fiction prize.

The book hits stores 4/4/11 and features drawings from JOSH BURWELL. The above trailer was edited by HITS INCORPORATED and features music from PINK PRIEST and DEAD GAZE. Scope some choice excerpts, then pre-order the book HERE.

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