Friday, September 6, 2013


Remember that insane GRIMES show at Cats Purring Dude Ranch when the floors broke? Then you certainly remember BORN GOLD, whose theatrical opening set featured frontman Cecil Frena's light-studded, MIDI-controlling leather jacket and whose mind-bending futuristic pop could reportedly be heard from a mile a way. You may also remember the Canadian group's previous incarnation GOBBLE GOBBLE who played a late night on South 18th Street a few years back, resulting in perhaps the most out of control house party Oxford, MS has ever seen.

BORN GOLD play Lamar Lounge next Wednesday 9/11, marking the fourth Oxford appearance from Cecil and friends. Those of you who have seen Born Gold or Gobble Gobble (whose original lineup included Corin from PURITY RING) know to expect a hyperactive conceptual pop spectacle for the history books. The rest of you have something special to look forward to.

Local heartthrob WAR MACHINE will be spinning post-apocalyptic party jams to open the show. Cover charge is $5. Doors at 9pm.


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