Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hey Oxford, legendary Glaswegian indie pop band CAMERA OBSCURA will be stopping by The Lyric on Wednesday evening to perform the lush, romantic pop gems they've been cranking out for over a decade now. They're often compared to fellow Glasgow sensations BELLE & SEBASTIAN (fittingly, Stuart Merdoch of that band produced their debut album), but it's their fourth and arguably finest record MY MAUDLIN CAREER they'll be promoting tomorrow. In other words, their charming tunes make us feel goooood.

PAPERCUTS of San Francisco, who some of us were lucky to catch back in 2k8 opening for BEACH HOUSE in Memphis, will open the show. Rather than bore you with our own description of this terrific band, here's what the NEW YORK TIMES had to say about them:

"Melding sustained organ chords with slow fingerpicked guitar, the Papercuts’ music merged Velvet Underground ballads with touches of the Byrds, while Jason Quever sang in a high, diffident voice about elusive love."

Count me in! Tickets are available now via THE LYRIC for a mere $12. Hope y'all can make it out tomorrow night.

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