Friday, December 18, 2009


Jackson, Mississippi! Come revisit the early 2000s with your two favorite teenage bands of yesteryear. THE ROCKWELLS and KING ELEMENTARY, both of which were formed in high school and neither of which have performed in years, will reunite Christmas night at Martin's in downtown Jackson.

THE ROCKWELLS are a power-pop band formed by Dent May, Patrick Addison (formerly of Colour Revolt), Ben Buckner, and Jack Bell. Inspired by The Cars, Squeeze, Cheap Trick, and ELO, they released a self-titled EP before parting ways to go to college and pursue other musical endeavors.

KING ELEMENTARY are a garage rock band who recorded a classic, amazingly underrated album at the famous SWEAT TEA studio and signed to Capitol Records all before graduating high school. Like many young bands, they were chewed up and spit out by the collapsing major label record industry and will be playing for the first time since with their original lineup (Morgan Jones, Will Randolph, Andrew Fox, and Jeremy Upton).

Don't sleep on this historic event, Jacktown. Happy Holidays!

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